Riley: “Hey, I see some stuff up here! Now, where can I jump up on this shelf?” As soon as Riley and Clara moved to the new house, they were trapped in the basement for about half the day, letting them know this was their sanctuary and where their litterboxes are.

The basement didn’t seem to excite the cats because not much stuff was in it other than their litterboxes and a huge shelf where I plan to store my craft stuff. After exploring the basement, they both settled down on the second shelf behind some canvas totes we had moved there for temporary storage.

Finally out of the basement! Riley makes himself comfortable on a stair leading to the second floor. The little troublemaker has discovered how to open the kitchen pantry doors and pull out two roller drawers (one in the kitchen and one in the upstairs bathroom).

Riley won’t be laying on the cubicle in the living room for long once Charlie and I move the big TV there. The cats weren’t enthusiastic about being trapped in the basement for a few hours while the moving guys hauled the big furniture into the house, but I hope the familiar furniture will help them settle in.

Yeah, I know Riley is the subject of most the photos in this post, but he’s the troublemaker. He’s the brave explorer. Clara prefers to lay low underneath the night stands in the master bedroom, but every now and then, she’ll wander around the house. I’m not completely sold on the gumball machine’s placement in the middle of a cubicle bookcase and the white stand thingy (which I plan to paint brown at some point).

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