Due to lack of attention, water, and some sunshine, Beatrice passed away sometime in late July or early August. I tried coaxing her back to life with water, plant food, and a few snips here and there, but she never fully recovered even when I moved her to the new house. Sitting right in front of the house with plenty sun and water from the occasional rain, Beatrice remained brown and bare — a reminder that I really can’t garden or take care of a plant. Rest in peace, Beatrice. Your colorful blooms made me smile.

On the brighter side the new house is surrounded by a nice mix of bushes, shrubs, and flowers. I am especially fond of this little patch of purple flowers (peony? petunia?) in the front by the hose. I’m surprised the pretty flowers have lasted this long because the hose probably runs over them whenever I’m yanking it to water the lawn.

Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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