So sorry for the lack of posts over the past month, my “can do” attitude sort of vanished as the days passed. I have kept busy unpacking various boxes here and there and trying to find a home for all the stuff Charlie and I have accumulated over the years. My spanking brand new scanner diverted my attention, turning old photos into digital copies and creating new digital photo books with old pictures. I get distracted so easily … look a squirrel!

Anyway, I am still in love with the house just not all the responsibilities that come with it (i.e. mowing the large lawn). The guest bedroom, which has become a dumping place for all of Charlie’s packed boxes and hasn’t been fully decorated, has welcomed two different sets of visitors seeking a bed and privacy. The cats are doing just fine with all the extra space to run, hide, and fight even when some doors are closed (particularly my bathroom where Riley can open the drawer containing my hair accessories).

Despite a busy holiday schedule I have a couple of projects that need my attention now that my new workroom is somewhat clean and I can finally set up my sewing machine! I have a huge stack of clothes that need some work, and I have been yearning to hear the hum of my sewing machine and finally learn to use my new serger. Life is good. Busy. But good.

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