CUTE DENIM SHORTS FOR SUMMER! I’m back on my sewing machine, and it feels sooooo good. I’ve missed my sewing machine so much. My new workroom isn’t perfectly set up or clean, but the setup works for quick projects. I have a huge pile of clothes that need some attention for refashions, but somehow that doesn’t stop me from buying new clothes I find on clearance racks.

I purchased this pair of men’s denim shorts on clearance, knowing I could easily refashion them into a pair of cute shorts for me. I had refashioned a pair of men’s jeans into shorts, but the inseam was so incredibly tiny that I felt really uncomfortable pulling the hem down in public whenever it rode up when I walked or moved. Short girl problems, I guess.

I basically marked the length that I’m comfortable with and made a cut a few inches below the mark for the rolled cuff. I think I look ridiculously cute in shorts with a rolled cuff instead of a basic hem. As I created the rolled cuff I kept an eye on the inseam, making sure it wasn’t super tiny. Once the cuffs were pinned in place, I sewed it down and tried on my new pair of jeans shorts. I look really cute in jean shorts and tee — hello, summer!

THE SUPER BIG DENIM SKIRT: With some time to waste one day, I wandered into a somewhat spendy retail store that I normally don’t visit. But on this particular day, a staff member informed me of the ADDITIONAL 40% off clearance items. I immediately headed toward the clearance racks and started rummaging through the goods. I had a refashioned denim skirt once upon a time, but for some reason, I wasn’t thrilled with it. I fell in love with the simplicity and the white embroidered hem on this denim skirt that I grabbed for $6 (plus it was the last one on the rack!).

The biggest issue I faced with refashioning this skirt was the size — it was seriously way too big for me. When I tried the skirt on, my husband laughed at me at the enormous size and gave me permission to pay full price for skirt that would actually fit me without any alterations. I have the best husband ever. Normally, I would create a new side seam, but this meant either losing or making the front pocket incredibly small. With the skirt inside out, I studied the original side seams, pinned the extra fabric, and sewed a new original seam (if that makes any sense).

I also focused on making sure the back pockets weren’t sewn into the new side seam as I cut out a good chunk of fabric from the skirt. And I made sure the back pockets were still somewhat centered. Once the skirt fit perfectly, I debated whether I should shorten it a few inches. The original length was fine, but a few inches shorter would be near perfection. So, I took a few inches off and kept the beautiful embroidered hem and now I have the perfect jean skirt. I can dress it down with a simple tee or dress it up with a cami and cardigan or a sweater. The skirt is perfect.

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