OK, for some reason, I couldn't get the rest of these photos to work in my blog about my scarf project. So, this is a picture post of some scarves that I recently completed.

14 scarves filled this computer-paper box ... I have to get another box for the rest of the scarves. For now, they sit on the top shelf of my closet.

The scarf in the back (laying against the pillow) is the most recently completed scarf.


The year is coming to an end, and a new year will begin. And, please remind me, that at that time, I will only make ONE New Year’s resolution. The only resolution that is on track to completion is my scarf resolution … I will crochet 25 scarves this year and then donate them to charity.

Technically, I completed my goal. So far, I have crocheted more than 25 scarves … but I have made and given away five scarves as birthday presents. At the moment, sitting on my closest shelf, are 22 scarves ready to be given to charity. I have posted some pics of the recent scarves I’ve crocheted.

As far as the other resolutions, which I cannot even remember but I know I blogged about them, I’m nowhere to completing any of them. I know buying sexy underwear once a month was a resolution … and I started out strong, but then I faltered after being frustrated with not finding cute underwear in my size.

Speaking of the new year, can you believe that this year is almost done? Want proof? Go to Hobby Lobby, because they’ve decorated a quarter of the store in Christmas decorations! Hello! Halloween isn’t even here. And Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed! Christmas decorations already? Really?

I had bright orange yarn, because my nephew Gavin wanted me to make him a scarf with that color ... I had some leftover from his scarf.


So, I created a new crochet stitch. When I started working on Operation: 25 Scarves in January or February, I kind of forgot how to crochet. My former roommate, Heather, hooked me into crocheting when we lived together, but it has been a couple of years since I’ve picked up some yarn and a crochet hook. Apparently, crocheting was not like riding a bike … you remember after awhile.

In January or February, I was going to have an expert teach me the basic stitch, but all the experts I knew were busy and I didn’t want to bother them with such a mundane task. With some yarn and the hook, I fooled around and thought I had remembered the basic stitch. The scarves I was crocheting looked OK and received some stellar compliments when I wrapped them as gifts.

But after taking a look at two previous scarves that I had completed under the direct tutelage of Heather, I know the stitch I had “remembered” was not the stitch that Heather taught me years before. So, seriously, what was I doing? At this point, I decided to call the experts, but unfortunately, they were a little busy to help. So, I power on with my new stitch.

After ending her stint in the Air Force, Heather is back in town for a few months and she taught me the basic stitch … which I love by the way. She has no idea what stitch I was working on and said it was pretty cool. The other night, she and I had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, China Inn, wandered to Sears to look at cameras, and then finally settled at my place to crochet.

Yeah, I know … we sound like a couple of old ladies, but who cares? I’m working on completing a New Year’s resolution, completing 25 scarves by the end of the year, and Heather is working on a baby blanket for her little one. For as long as I’ve known Heather, she has always been working on blankets of some sort … I still have the blanket she crocheted me … a blue blanket that I absolutely love.

Now that I have mastered the basic stitch, which I love by the way, I have been crocheting like a madwoman. I’m pretty close to completing the first scarf, using the basic stitch. Every chance I get, I’m crocheting. I’m not sure whether it’s sad or admirable. Anyway, I’m pretty excited about having learned the basic stitch … although I’m still working on mastering the edges.

And for some reason, no matter how hard I try, the edges usually get the best of me. I don’t know if I put in an extra loop or I skip a loop … I don’t know what’s going on … but mastering the edges is a difficult task for me. I plan on taking my yarn and hooks with me as I head to North Dakota next week … you never know when some quiet time might become available.  🙂


Holy crap, it’s June. JUNE! Starting next Thursday, I’m off for a few days, heading to North Dakota to celebrate one of my cousins getting married. He actually got married in March in Montana, but I didn’t attend. But his famiily (my dad’s side of the family) is throwing a big fat reception at the farm in North Dakota … so, my parents, Krissy and her family, and Becky and her family are all heading up there next week for the big shindig.

To me, I feel like I was just talking to Becky and Krissy about the family reunion months ago … and now, the reunion is NEXT WEEKEND! Seriously, where did all of this time go? As the reunion approaches, my family is making plans and talking about what each member is doing. This is what I love … I’m like a 33-year-old child in the midst of this planning. Becky and Mom are talking about the trip and deciding who I should travel with … Mom and Dad or Becky and her family.

I seriously thinks it’s hilarious. Then Mom and Krissy – or was it Becky and Krissy – were talking about the sleeping arrangements at the farm. And where I’m sleeping is always included in the arrangements … accoridng to Krissy, I’m either sleeping with Krissy and her big fat family or Becky and her small little family. Either way, my sisters (and Mom) are looking out for me, and I think that’s awesome! I love being a 33-year-old child with no responsibilities. I’m just one person.

So, June is here … and how am I doing on my New Year’s resolutions? Well, I’m glad you asked. I haven’t given up on crocheting 25 scarves (donating to charity). The last count I made was a few days ago, and I have crocheted 13 scarves. I’m pretty proud of myself. Spending time with Enrique has slowed my goal down a bit, but I’m getting back into crocheting whenever I have free time to spare. What were my other goals? I can’t remember … I have to check … one second …

I buy will nice underwear once a month … without saying too much, this goal is going nicely. Although I have to say that finding nice and cool bras in my size is a little difficult at the regular retail places (Target, Shopko, JCPenney, etc.). I either find a bra I like in my size, but where are the matching underwear? Or I find a nice bra, but I can’t find the right size … seriously, my size is not unusual … well, I don’t think it is.

I will stop fantasizing about Bucky Covington from Season 5 of “American Idol.” … really, this wasn’t a fair goal to begin with. I knew my love for him was going to eventually fade … I still think Bucky is a good singer and everything, but I’m over him. But speaking of “American Idol,” hurray for David Cook winning Season 7. As soon as he won, I called my friend, Heather, and as soon as she answered the phone, she and I started screaming about his victory.

I don’t have anything against David Archuleta, because I think he’s a phenomenal singer. In fact, I love love love love his rendition of “Think of me” from “Phantom of the Opera.” He sings the song beautifully. But I love that David Cook, the rocker, won … it’s about time someone with a little bit of edge won the competition. Although the finale song, “Time of my life,” is a little cheesy, I don’t seem to mind it when David Cook is singing it.

I will perform random acts of kindness … I’m not really sure how to judge this goal. I haven’t thought too much about it, but I know I’ve been nice without even thinking about it … like, opening the door for someone or letting someone go before you at the checkout lane. While I don’t always think about the little things, the little things do matter. I’ll just venture a guess and say I’ve been performing random acts of kindess even though I might not know it.

I will learn to play the guitar. … Um, what? Really? I put this as a New Year’s resolution? Why? Why would I do such a thing? Granted, the year is halfway over, and I haven’t even touched a guitar, but I suppose anything can happen. As of right now, I have no desire to play the guitar, much less learn a song to play on the instrument. This might be the goal I will not keep … oh well, not keeping a resolution won’t be too dramatic for me.

Anyway, I still can’t believe it’s June … where did the first part of this year go? My June is filling up fast. Next weekend, I’m in North Dakota for a few days for a family reunion. The weekend after that, I’m heading to the Wisconsin Dells with a friend to see TRISHA YEARWOOD in concert! I’m so excited. The day after that, Enrique and I are heading to Harmony, Minn., to tour Niagara Cave. And then in July, my book comes out! Yah! And I have to tell you … life is good.  🙂


I’m still crocheting … just in case anyone cares and was wondering how my project was going. I transfered all of the completed scarves into a box formally used to hold paper reams. As of right now, I have 10 competed scarves … wahoo! Good job, Jenn. I’m pretty pleased with my efforts, considering the month of April has started.

I have completed more than 10 scarves, but I have been giving them away as birthday gifts … so that has sort of setback the project. But on the bright side, my friends are impressed with my crocheting skills … one of my friends who’s birthday was in March loves his scarf. It made him happy, and he said he receives a lot of compliments.

If you have a birthday in the spring and summer, sorry but you’re still going to get a scarf for your special day. I can’t think of a better way to say “happy birthday” than “Here’s a scarf to keep you warm during the Wisconsin winter, which will kick around sooner than we all think.” Scarves are a beautiful thing.  🙂


I’m still crocheting … although I’m not obsessed about it when I first started. More or less, I crochet when I’m sitting in front of the TV … but with experience, I’m getting better and faster at creating scarves … so, crocheting 25 scarves in one year shouldn’t be a problem for me.

But here’s my big concern … I have the tendency to go through my hobbies in phases … last year around this time, I was big into scrapbooking … I would scrapbook anything that I could get my hands on … but then summer came and I stopped scrapbooking. I would like to get back into scrapbooking … eventually.

So, my big fear is that my crocheting days are numbered and won’t complete my goal. But then on the other hand, because I have been blogging this … maybe I won’t quit because then I’m in a quitter and failure to the people (the whole four people … Krissy, Becky, Mom and Dad) who read this blog. And I don’t want to look like a quitter. I don’t need Krissy and Becky telling me that I’m a complete failure … because they wouldn’t hesitate to tell me that I’m a loser.  🙂  I love my sisters.

Posted below are some of the latest scarves that I have completed. Now that I know what I’m doing … I’m starting to get more creative.  🙂




5 DOWN, 20 TO GO


Here is one of two scarves that I recently completed over the
weekend. I have a picture of the second scarf, but the pic
didn’t turn out too well. The past couple of pics I’ve used my
camera phone … which explains why the pics are a little
blurry and darker. When I get a good picture of the second
scarf, I’ll post it.

I have completed FIVE scarves so far … just 20 left to finish
by the end of the year.



I made this baby blanket because I had some leftover yarn
from a previous blanket. I don’t think the blanket turned
out bad, except that I still need to work on getting my sides
straight. Not one of my strengths.


The third scarf in my yearlong project that I recently
completed. I think this scarf will fit a kid, and I’m currenly
working on the adult-length scarf with the leftover yarn.
Personally, I really like this scarf … I think it’s cute.  🙂



I finished my first scarf! Yah! I would post a photo of the original creation by yours truly, but I’m at the library, where apparently the computer is not equipped with a floppy disk drive. Come on, no one uses floppy disks anymore? Well, normally I don’t, but I didn’t want to unplug my jump drive from my computer. So, I thought the next best thing was a floppy disk. Oh, how wrong I am.  😦

I finished the scarf today while watching ARMAGEDDON, starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Tears form every single time I watch the movie, where (SPOILER ALERT) Bruce says goodbye to his daughter because he has to detonate the bomb on the asteroid in order to save the world from death and destruction. I’d bawl like a baby if I had to say goodbye to my dad like that, but the chances of my dad staying behind on an asteroid to blow it up is pretty much, um, zilcho.

Anyway, I finished the scarf, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I have a sense of pride and accomplishment. As soon as I have the write materials, I will post a picture of the scarf because I’m so PROUD of it. I’m really giddy with joy. My arm is still tired. A couple of my nails are numb, but I’m still so proud and excited.  🙂



I decided to crochet last night … I was avoiding editing my book (for the third time), and I was getting bored with TV. So, I decided to pick up the needle and some yarn and attempt to remember how to crochet. I think I’ve done a good job so far without instruction from a professional. I played around for awhile and then decided it was time to attempt to crochet a scarf.

First, crocheting with two cats is not an easy task. Calvin managed to gnaw his way through a string of yarn (thanks, kitty!), and Riley liked chasing the ball of yarn around, creating a bigger mess. But I managed to crochet a few rows, and I have to say that it looks pretty good. Not bad for an amateur.  🙂  I think I spent about two hours crocheting, and this morning, my right hand and arm are tired from crocheting (probably from holding the needle to tight or something).

With a little concentration, time, effort, willpower, and dedication, I think I can make my goal of crocheting 25 scarves by the end of the year. Granted, January is almost complete, and I haven’t completed one scarf, but I think I can make up for lost time. Especially, if I avoid editing my book … I have to go through and change some of the verbs … I have the tendency to flip from past tense to present tense. Editing is so not cool.  😉

LISTEN TO: BLEEDING LOVE by Leona Lewis. I did some research on her, because of my co-workers insisted that I listen to her debut album, which isn’t bad. Anyway, Leona Lewis won the British version (I think) of “American Idol.” She has a great voice, and the song BLEEDING LOVE is amazing. Love it. I’ve already listened to it 30 times.