God’s Good Girls


“God’s Good Girls” may perfectly describe Faith, Glory, and Joy’s name, but “Satan’s Little Minions” accurately represents their behavior when they’re not working at a daily newspaper. Drinking, smoking, dating, gossiping, flirting, and deflecting rumors are just a few social activities that keep God’s Good Girls busy.

Faith knows what she wants: become a savvy investigative reporter, marry the man of her dreams, and start a family to make her parents happy (she has always been ready for motherhood). However, her life plan has hit some minor obstacles: being stuck typing obituaries and births and covering class reunions, and dating a widower who has four children, one overprotective sister, and one smitten sister-in-law.

Glory is in love with her life — smoking, drinking, and hanging out with her friends. An ugly college incident may have devastated her confidence in herself and men, but it made her stronger and more independent. Although Glory has no problem butting into her friends’ (or strangers, for that matter) personal lives, she likes to keep her life drama-free.

Joy just wants a stable and healthy relationship. Bachelor No. 1 claims he’s just “not ready for a relationship,” but continues to show interest in her. Bachelor No. 2 admits he’s crazy about her after a few dates, but Joy can’t say the same. Bachelor No. 3 is just looking for a good time with no plans to settle down, and although Joy knows better, she can’t seem to stay away from him.

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  1. You know how much I love you … get off your butt and start writing! 🙂 Love you! Stop procrastinating and start creating a new world.

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