A ROOM IN THE MAYBE HOUSE: Ugh. Who knew house hunting could be so exhausting? I am not sure of the protocol of taking pictures during open houses and private showings and then posting it on my blog so I’m using the most generic photos. Charlie and I have been looking at houses for a over a month, and we found one house that got a “maybe” from more than a dozen houses we visited.

A HOUSE TOO BIG TOO SPENDY: The more houses Charlie and I explored the more we were able to fine tune our search criteria. Hoping to host guests (his parents, my dad, and friends) once we become homeowners, we would like at least one guest bedroom with a bathroom. A two-car garage is definitely on Charlie’s “must have” list, and all I want is an ice maker with my refrigerator.

THE HOUSE ON A CORNER OF A POPULAR STREET: Just from exploring the outside of the house first, Charlie and I weren’t too impressed but the homeowners impressed with their major renovations to the inside. Unfortunately, a huge yard to maintain and being so close to a popular street made the decision to say “no” easy.

THE ALMOST SAID “YES” HOUSE: After exploring the house for what seemed like hours, Charlie and I were thisclose to saying “yes,” but once we stepped away from the property and talked about the cons, we said “no.” First, the backyard was huge and wasn’t really usable due to a slope. Second, we weren’t thrilled huge power lines weaved through the backyard. Third, we liked the house but did we “love” it?

THE MAYBE LEANING TOWARD YES HOUSE: Other than replacing a few major hardware, Charlie and I decided on a firm bid, but another buyer offered a higher bid, which the homeowner accepted. We weren’t too sad or heartbroken that we didn’t nab the house, but that means we’re still searching for the perfect house.





ORANGE A-PEEL (BLACK EYED SUSAN VINE): Did you know the center is fake? One of my co-workers encouraged me to poke a pen through the middle, and I exclaimed, “I don’t want to ruin the pretty flower!” But lo and behold, the black center is hollow!



DAHLIA: I think because I lost my corresponding notes that went with the flower pictures. Some sort of pretty striped dahlia, if there is such a thing.

UNIDENTIFIED FLOWER: I compared my photo to the interweb pictures of poppies (nope), impatiens (no), pansies (definite no), and petunias (maybe), and I couldn’t find a definite match.



SUNROSA SOFT PINK ROSE BUSH: Although 2017 is almost half over, I think this picture is one of my favorites. How beautiful is this picture? Pink is normally not one of my favorite colors, but this flower pot caught my eye at work. Since late March I have been working part time at a local floral nursery, and despite being on my feet all day and dealing with some immature co-workers, I like the job.

LITTLE LUCKY RED LANTANA: Gerber daisies have always been my favorite flowers but I have since discovered two more flowers I love: lantana and dahlia. Because I really have no knowledge of flowers, I work as a cashier, but I have been able to identify some other flowers other than daisies and roses. The tag on the flower pots help greatly whenever I see a pretty flower, but I have fallen in love with the lantanas.

YELLOW RIEGER BEGONIA: How gorgeous are these yellow begonias? So beautiful! Sometimes I wish I had a green thumb and a little bit of patience to deal with flowers because I would definitely plant some begonias. The new seasonal job has kept me busy and out of trouble (I think) for the past few months. Did I mention I started writing a completely new book in late February? I feel I’m halfway through it now.

RED RIEGER BEGONIAS: The book, called “The Beautiful Brannick Boys,” is about four sisters being raised by their dad after their mom skips town to “find herself.” The idea and the characters had been bouncing around my mind for a few years, but one day, I sat down at my computer and just started typing. Next thing I know, I have a few chapters completed, started an outline, and find myself at the halfway point.

LUCKY YELLOW LANTANA: I’m not sure if the flowers in the middle will bloom white or yellow. The buds look white, but it will probably bloom yellow. Either way, the lantanas look beautiful! Anyway, the job has sucked up most of my time, but I try to write on my days off or whenever I’m hit with a little bit of inspiration. More time will find me when the seasonal job ends, but for now, the extra cash is nice.

DALINA MIDI MARIANA (RED DAHLIA): Red and orange are hard colors to capture just perfectly, which sucks because I love the color red. More specifically, I love red dahlias, but really any color of dahlias are pretty. Back to my story, the extra money will come in handy when Charlie and I finally buy a house! We are in the very beginning stages of house hunting, and I look forward to the day when we finally become homeowners.

DALINA MIDI MARIANA (YELLOW DAHLIA): I think this snapshot perfectly captures the beauty of a dahlia. So pretty and perfect. If I can find a pretty flower that needs watering once a month or less then maybe I’ll plant something — maybe being the operative word. I also apologize in advance for more picture posts featuring flowers because I see so many pretty flowers at checkout.

BRAVO WHITE PETUNIA: I could spend a good hour walking around the greenhouse and snapping pictures of beautiful flowers. Thank you so much for all the love and support when my mom passed away. I am slowly, but surely, returning to my blog and other projects when I have the time and energy. Running around a nursery all day exhausts me, but at least, it keeps me out of trouble.